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Toshiba Remotes UK - Remote controls for 15V31D

Toshiba 15V31D Remote Control

Equipment - Toshiba - 15V31D

Replacement Remote Control Number - IRC81827

Price - £13.99

Usual Dispatch time - 48 Hours

Please note : The remote image shown is an example of the remote you shall receive, the appearance will be similar but the button layout may differ from that shown.

All remotes supplied do ALL of the functions of the original remotes and there is no setup required, simply insert batteries and use as normal.

This remote control (IRC81827) will also work with the following Toshiba models -

29VH27D | R251788 | CT834 | 076N0FK020 | 076N0FK01A | RCGX020 | V20100980 | RC2143 | 076N0GX010 | RCFK020 | 076R0EY020 | 076N0GZ020 | CT841 | V20096229 | RCFK010 | R251800 | CT871 | RCGZ020 | RCFK01A | 076N0FK010 | CT849 | V20096228 | 23306363 | 076N0GZ010 | RCGZ010 | CT835S | V30037753 | 23006363 | 2143 | CT833 | 15V31D | RCGX010 | RC2243 | CT851 | Plus more..

For more models please view our Toshiba TV Remote directory


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